Now any Android Phone, Tablet or PC...

Can be a Secure Communications Device that works over any connection that has Internet or Cellular access!

Complete Turnkey Systems Available

Get 100% satisfaction guaranteed for...

Availability for both domestic and international
Voice quality
Intrusion prevention
Call log monitoring or Call log capture

We are looking for VARs!

Are you interested in selling the most Secure Online Phone Service available today?

Contact us immediately with the market domain or region you want.

Get support From your VAR account representative.

Your VAR account representative will provide Tier 1 support.

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Turn your Smart Phone, Desktop, Laptop or Tablet into an online secure phone.

Talk Securely to 256 AES Level Encryption Using Any of the Following:

No phone call records:

No International Calling Fees between Secure Devices.

Works on ANY Internet or Cellular Connected Device Internationally.(Devices must support Flash)

Works on ALL Cell Phone Carriers Internationally.

Fully integrates with your cell phone contacts.
(Your cell phone contacts must also use our service to have a secure phone call )

Coming soon:

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